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DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)

Ph.D. in Korean Literature

Board Certified Acupuncturists in the state of California

Education career : Dongkook Royal University

Lecture for Acupuncturists

- Pain Diagnosis and Treatment-Advanced Course

- Low Back Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

- Pain Diagnosis and Treatment - Basic Course

- The Understand Herbal Medicine Prescription and Clinical Apply

- Urine Problem and Prostate Treatment and Prescription of Herbal Medicine

- Low Back Treatment and Using Electronic Acupuncture

- Treatment & Herbal Medicine Prescription of Digestive System Disease


151 efficacious prescriptions for acupuncture treatment


Introduction to Acupuncture (醫學入門 講義)

Treatment of covid-19 sequelae

The patient complained of symptoms such as waking up

from sleep due to a severe heartbeat, sweating during sleep,

tiredness and lethargy, and bloating of the stomach.

After taking the prescribed herbal medicine for 2 weeks,

the symptoms improved significantly.

Afterwards, at the request of the patient,

herbal medicine was taken for an additional month for complete recovery.

Patient A (Bell's palsy)

Patient A suffered from Bell’s Palsy for about two months.

She came to our clinic for the first time on Feb. 27th 2018. At the first visit,

she could not fully smile and her eyes would frequently squint

and could not raise her eye brow.

After having two treatments, most of the trembling went down significantly.

She continued to come for treatment once a week for 6 weeks

and 80% of her symptoms went away.

Now she is coming every other week for maintenance treatment.

Patient B (Arthritis)

Patient B had Arthritis in her wrist and fingers for years

and she got to the point where she could not have a normal daily life.

The patient stated that she had to ask her husband for help to lift up

the blanket and even open the door.

She couldn’t even put her socks on without pain.

Her wrist and finger joints were all swollen and she had constant pain.

The patient had focused treatment which was 2 times a week for 8 weeks.

She also took herb medicine along with the acupuncture treatment.

After 8 weeks of focused

she could do all her daily activities that she couldn’t do before.

The swelling in her finger and wrist joints went down and 90% of her pain was gone.

After that, she came in once a week for 3 weeks

and now she comes in once a month for maintenance.

Patient C (Back Pain)

Patient C came in for her back pain. Being a mom of a 1 year old baby,

her back muscle was very stiff and tight.

She had massage therapies before but didn’t give her much relief.

She got total of three acupuncture treatments.

Most of her pain went away after the three treatments.

Patient D (Knee Pain)

Patient D had been suffering from knee pain for more than 10 years.

She stated that she had a hard time just walking from the parking lot to the store

and could not go up and down the stairs well. Her knee joints were very stiff,

swollen and weak. Her leg muscles were very tight also.

She received focused treatment of acupuncture

and moxibustion for 2 times a week for 4 weeks.

She also took herb medicine to eliminate the inflammation.

After the focused treatment,

most of her knee pain and muscle tightness went away.

Now she comes in once a month for maintenance treatment.

Patient E (Leg swelling)

Patient E complained that she had severe low back pain

when she first came to our clinic.

She said that she was diagnosed Fibromyalgia in western hospital

and had treatment for more than 10 years

but still had a lot of pain. However,

the diagnosis from Dr. Kim was not low back pain.

It was muscle ache from hip to thigh and muscle pain

in her outer part of her calves.

Patient E stated that her pain started to go down

after 8 times of acupuncture treatment.

She had additional 6 times treatment

and she said she would stop the treatment

because she had no pain enough to live normal daily life.

Dr. Kim said he would like her to get more treatment

because of the possibility of recurrence

but eventually stopped the treatment.

After 2 months, patient E had pain again

and came back to our office.

She said she did not have time to come for treatment

so she wanted to do just herb treatment.

So Dr. Kim prescribed herb medicine for her pain for 1 month.

1 month later, on her follow up call,

she said that most of her pain went away and did not affect her daily life.

Patient F (Drop Foot, Pain in the heel of foot)

Patient F stated that he had pain in the heel of his foot

due to his job that required standing

for a long time and moving heavy loads.

He had many kinds of treatments over the years

but did not get much relief and had lots of pain.

After 2 times of acupuncture treatments 50% of his pain went away

and after total of 6 treatments 90% of his pain went away.

He stopped the treatment because he had no big problem with living his daily life.

However, in order to minimize the recurrence,

Dr. Kim taught the patient how to do appropriate stretching at home

and told him to keep on doing it.

Patient G (Shoulder Pain)

Patient G the woman patient came to our office

because she had sharp pain in her shoulders

when she lifted her shoulders or when she threw her arms back.

She had the pain for more than 3~4 months.

Dr. Kim diagnosed that it was a ligament problem surrounding the shoulder joint.

After the first treatment, the pain decreased by about 50% and the pain decreased

by 80% in total 6 treatments and the treatment was completed.

Dr. Kim told the patient that the pain that was left a little will go away gradually

if she did the stretching at home which Dr. Kim taught her.

Patient H (Hot Flushes)

Patient H had been suffering from hot flushes night and day.

She could feel her body warming up

and getting cold again at least 10 times a day.

Her symptoms got worse overtime

and she said she even had hot flushes while she was sleeping.

After 1 week of treatment, 50% of her symptoms decreased

and after total of 2 months treatment,

the patient was recovered to the extent that

it didn’t interfere her daily life and completed the treatment.

This patient had both acupuncture and herb treatment together.

Patient I (Chronic Indigestion)

She complained that she had always been sick and tired and had pain

when she pressed her pit of stomach for as long as she could remember.

She said that she did not have much appetite even when she didn’t eat that much.

She always felt bloated in her stomach and burped a lot after eating.

She said she felt a little better when she took the antacid

but her symptoms became much worse

when she quit taking the antacid.

Dr. Kim told Patient I that her treatment would take a long period of time

and she agreed to start the treatment.

She had both acupuncture and herb treatment together.

After one treatment, the symptoms of indigestion were immediately improved

and the stomach was relaxed.

However Dr. Kim told her that it was temporary relief

and if she doesn’t keep on getting treatment

her symptoms will worsen again.

After that, she got treatment for 1-2 times a week for 4 months,

and since then her condition improved a lot.

After that, Dr. Kim prescribed herb medicine for her so she could take it only

when she had indigestion symptoms.

Patient J (Chronic allergy)

The patient said that she has had severe symptoms of runny nose,

itchy eyes and headaches in winter or flower blooming seasons.

After 1 time acupuncture treatment and 1week of taking herb medicine,

90% of her symptoms went away.

However in order to prevent recurrence,

she had 4 additional acupuncture treatments

and 1 month of herb medicine.

Patient K (finger numbness)

Patient K came to our office

because both her fingertips were numb and in pain for years.

She had already done a carpal tunnel operation on her right wrist two months ago

but the pain was still present after the surgery.

She improved more than 90% after having three acupuncture treatments

and seven days of herb medicine.

Patient L (low back pain)

The patient is a woman in her 50s

and has had left low back pain for a long time (perhaps decades ago).

She had never had a back injury or has had a back surgery.

In the meantime, she had received various treatments

whenever her back pain was severe.

However the pain was relieved for only a few days

and her low back always felt uncomfortable.

The patient said that a few months before the visit to our clinic,

her back pain became worse, and from two weeks ago,

her body began to lean to the left and the pain got more severe,

making it very difficult for her to walk. She also felt her feet going numb.

Dr. Kim diagnosed that her left hip bone was out of normal position

and the ligaments around the hip were damaged and were swollen and stiff.

In the initial treatment, Dr. Kim did the treatment to promote the blood circulation

around the left lower back and hip joint,

to remove the bad blood which was just staying there not circulating

and to correct the hip bone.

As a result, the pain was greatly reduced,

and after a week later from the second treatment,

everything was almost back to normal and the treatment was finished.

However she had the back pain for a very long time,

Dr. Kim recommended her to get regular treatment once a month

to prevent the possibility of recurrence.

Patient M (depression)

Patient M is a man in his 50s. For many years,

it was very difficult for him to laugh and talk at home

and at work because of severe depression.

When the patient visited for the first time,

he only answered very briefly and his face was empty.

He also had other symptoms of neck and shoulder pain.

So, in addition to depression, he also got treated for his neck and shoulder pain.

Treatment was given once a week,

and nothing was changed significantly since the first and second treatments.

A week later, on his third treatment,

the patient’s facial expressions turned brighter

and seemed to have a slight therapeutic effect.

A week later, on his forth treatment, a surprising change occurred.

He was laughing and talking during the treatment

and laughing and talking to the clinic staff after the treatment.

Dr. Kim advised the patient to be treated once a week for the time being

and the patient is expected to receive his fifth treatment next week.


Patient N (weight loss)

The patient is a woman in her 40s.

She came to treat the right low back pain

caused by a car accident a long time ago.

Her painful muscles were injured

and were fixed like that so it was difficult to cure.

She was recommended for a long-term treatment,

and she decided to receive treatment twice a week.

She also wanted to lose weight.

She had been gaining weight for few years.

The patient decided to continue acupuncture

and herbal medicine treatment at the same time to maintain health

and to prevent the yo-yo phenomenon.

After about ten months of treatment, her weight was reduced to 20 pounds,

which forced her to throw away all her old clothes and buy new ones.

There was almost close to no side effects while losing her weight

and her low back pain reduced significantly.

She is still coming in for regular maintenance treatments.

Tui-na Therapy(Neck, Low Back, Hip Bone, Spine Adjust),

Acupuncture, Electronic Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxa, Ear Acupuncture,

Shock-Wave, Tens Unit, Herbal Remedies, Health Consultation

• Pain Management •

Acute/chronic pain, Whiplash, Neck pain, Sciatica, Back pain, Hip pain, Knee pain,

Frozen shoulder, Knee osteoarthritis, Headaches(Migraine), Stroke aftermath.

• Facial Rejuvenation (MTS Peeling) •

Non surgical method of reducing the sign of aging process. Painless,

Low cost, High effect, Least risk of side effect.

• Allergy •

Sneezing, Itchiness, Nasal Congestion, Coughing, Watery eyes 

• Menopause •

Hot flush, Irritability, Night sweat, Anxiety, Insomnia, Vaginal dryness

• Fertility •

High success rate of pregnancy

• Sexual Dysfunction •

Impotence, Erectile dysfunction

• Anxiety •

Can reduce physical symptoms such as tightness in the chest, rapid heartbeat

and breathing, digestive disturbance, headache and insomnia.

• Weight loss & Appetite control •

No harmful side effects, eases the frustration and anxiety that trigger over eating,

increase your metabolism.

• Immune System •

Chronic fatigue syndrome

• Digestive •

Constipation, Diarrhea, Indigestion, Ulcers, Gastric reflux, Colitis, Hemorrhoids

• Children •

ADHD, Lack of growth, Lack of physical strength

All medical concerns have root causes and symptoms.

We work hard to alleviate the symptoms,

but at the same time resolve the root causes.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical technique for unblocking Qi by inserting needles

at particular points on the body to balance the opposing forces.

Acupuncture improves the flow of oxygen (Qi), nutrients (Ying Qi), and blood (xue)

through the blood vessel system to nourish every cell of our body.

Acupuncture treats what is the number one cause of disease

; Blood stagnation(Impaired blood flow in the body).

When there is a problem with blood flow to any area of the body,

that area cannot function properly. The body will not heal without proper blood flow.

Acupuncture causes your blood vessels to dilate and increase

blood flow to specific areas of the body to relieve pain,

improve organ function and prevent aging.

Acupuncture also works by stimulating the nerve system by activating nociceptor,

sensory nerves and proprioceptor fibers that travel from the skin

to the spine and into the brain. It improves the nerve signal to your brain

and forces your brain to release opiods (natural painkillers) to shut off

the pain signal and eliminate your pain.

In short, acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself!

Acupuncture treats an endless number of conditions either on its own

or in conjunction with Chinese herbal medicine or other therapies.


If you are looking for a natural solution to your health problems

without drugs or side-effects,

come to CGCC Acupuncture Clinic now and get consultation.

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